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Some Saturday Morning Greetings

A cup of English Breakfast tea and a morning thunderstorm are the perfect companions. Add bacon frying in the pan, sourdough toast, and eggs in the oven and you have a slice of heaven.

There is something about this kind of gray light that soothes my soul. It’s the reason I painted this room in those tones. And in the dim rainy light, the glow of a candle becomes all the more pleasant. Combine this with a warm, fuzzy, sleepy dog and I am filled with gratitude.

Happy weekend, tumblr friends, I hope yours began as pleasant as mine.

In which I moan pitifully, overshare needlessly…


Over the past year I have suffered from one of those odd afflictions that, no matter hard you wrack your memory, you can’t fathom the source of.

The affliction in question is known as tempromandicular joint disorder, which is essentially a sporadic pain in the jaw that causes a locking sensation,…

This post resonated with me. I also suffer from TMJD and have for the past 6 and a half years, its onset coinciding with the beginning of my higher education. In combination and directly related to this is also a nondescript myofascial pain disorder (MPD) which leaves me with continuous, involuntary muscle tension throughout my shoulders and neck, quite literally strangling my nerves on the worst days. I have so far found nothing that helps with the MPD long-term and can remember only one day in the past 6 years where I felt my muscles release their grip on my skeleton to a point where I acknowledged that this was what “normal” felt like.

As for the TMJD, I quite literally feel your pain. I recently did something to irritate the left joint, the origin of all my jaw problems, and have been enduring pain, tightness, and unpleasant crackling since. (Have you not already done so, I would suggest that you speak to a dentist or jaw specialist about getting a bite plate if you don’t already have one. Before I got mine, which I sleep with, the tension headaches were present about 98% of the time I was awake. Post device, they plummeted in frequency until the MPD caught up.)

TMJD and MPD also tend to take tolls in other ways. I have noticed that I tend to need much more sleep than I ever used to and that I will still feel tired despite sleeping long hours. It was suggested to me that I may not be achieving deep sleep. The clenching of the jaw and the overall tension acting to keep my brain in some state of permanent arousal, preventing complete shutdown necessary for the deepest sleep cycles. To put it simply, huge problem, as healing and needed hormone regulation occurs in deep sleep. This not achieving quality sleep then perpetuates a vicious cycle…

These afflictions can be challenging to deal with. It’s the kind of “illness” people don’t see and don’t understand. Although I am able to cope quite well generally day to day, it’s always there. Getting past the stage of denial (where you simply accept the current state and utter “I’m fine. I can deal with this”) to a point where you acknowledge you may need to seek treatment elsewhere and make a commitment to self-care is a battle I am constantly fighting. It is partially because by now I am “used” to feeling this way and partially because it feels as though I will never reach “normal” again.

Soldier on, friend. These things are far more common than you realize.

The light in these redwood forests is absolutely unique to any other forest I’ve ever been in. And the smell was earthy and ancient.

Avenue of the Giants - Humboldt county, California, USA - June 2014

©Lipinski 2014

by Mandy Lipinski, follow for more original works.

Because why not own a couple zebras in northern California? The juxtaposition of these two with the pine trees in the background gets me every time.

Humboldt county, California, USA - June 2014

©Lipinski 2014

by Mandy Lipinski, follow for more original works.

We drove along the coastal road to the left. It was beautiful to drive from the overlooks down along the Pacific. 

Humboldt county, California, USA - June 2014

©Lipinski 2014

by Mandy Lipinski, follow for more original works.