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23, USA. Original works inspired by my wanderings and musings.

Home, Sweet Home

I’ve found somewhere for Kuma and I to live when we move to Nebraska. It’s a lovely little brick house, walking distance to work, with a fenced backyard for the pup. Wood floors and built in shelving nooks, oh my! I’ve become very sick of living in “student” type apartments (this is another way to say cheap, unattractive, and mass produced) so I’m quite thrilled about the character of this place. There is a separate apartment unit in the basement which I will be able to rent out to some lucky individual, which is perfect for me financially. It is starting to feel real that I will soon be moving south.

The first sign of spring in the northern Great Plains is the blooming of the pasque flowers.
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Grand River National Grasslands, South Dakota
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Shadehill Reservoir - South Dakota - 21 April 2014
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Hi! It's World Book Night, so I'm asking people the following: 1) what are you reading at the moment? 2) what's your favourite book of all time? x

What a wonderful thing to reflect on! This is going to prove very difficult for me, as I am an avid reader.

At any given moment, I’m probably in the middle of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, one of the Harry Potter books, and another piece of literature (either new or a classic). I’m one of those people who tries to read Harry Potter and Tolkien once a year and has been doing so for a long time. I also have a special love of classic Russian literature but I do find the need to break up those often heavy, demanding works with some different reads.

Right now I am in the middle of The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I just read the chapter called “The Taming of Smeagol” and you can find the same scenes interpreted in the movie, where Frodo and Sam catch Smeagol and recruit him as a guide. I’m also in the middle of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix but I haven’t touched it in a few months.

Since I’m writing my M.S. thesis and reading an extensive amount of scientific papers I don’t currently have a novel going, but Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo is waiting on my shelf for after my thesis defense.

Are you all sick of my mug yet?
I had a bit of fun editing this one in photoshop anyway, even if none of you enjoy looking at it. ;)
The little indentation above the lips is known as a “cupid’s bow.” There is something so sweet and perfect about that name, considering the role lips play in expressing love in western culture.
Some people have cupid bows that are much more pronounced, like mine, and some people have hardly a dent at all. Does this explain my hopeless romanticism?
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This cottontail rabbit was most likely killed by my resident Great Horned Owls. There is a pair nesting nearby. Raptors often remove the heads of their prey.
I found this shot extremely interesting and somehow beautiful despite the morbidity of the subject. There was no sign of any gore anywhere, just this almost toy-like little head.
The fact that this was found on EASTER SUNDAY does seem a strange coincidence though… did everyone get a visit from the Easter bunny? He seems to have missed my house.
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The shadows deepen their hold on the prairie.
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It’s beautiful how as the light changes while the sun sinks beyond the horizon, the colors evolve. It seems they wash out to all become some version of blue and at the same time they deepen as the shadows settle in across the landscape, gaining dimension. This was the scene last night as I walked around the farm, listening to the sounds of spring, and enjoying the breeze which came from a settling of the furious wind earlier in the day. My dog was at my side and I counted the different types of birds I was hearing. Slowly the land is changing from brown to green.
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I go off the grid for a few days and I come back to find new followers and tons of wonderful new notes on some of my photos. Cheers and welcome to all of you new, amazing tumblr friends. <3

I apologize in advance.

But what the actual fuck.


Sometimes people are the worst.

Here’s the Problem

I did a lovely shoot this past weekend in some really beautiful light one evening. I mean, I got home from work, ran for the camera and grabbed the pup and hopped in the truck to go shoot in that light, under that sky. There were rain clouds and rain shadows and late afternoon sun and rolling hills and ring-necked pheasants and rocky buttes and… I digress. 

For some unknown reason my card reader in my laptop is not recognizing my SD card. Turns out this is a common issue with my particular machine. Now my camera is also not recognizing it which most likely means that the card needs to be reformatted but if I do this I will LOSE all those photos I took. 

Never fear. I haven’t given up quite yet. But worst case scenario, I will post at a later time while crying over my coffee about the lost pictures which would have turned out to be the best shoot of my life. (A little melodrama never killed anyone, right?)

Also, I really missed the boat by forgetting about the lunar eclipse last night. Oops. Oh and happy tax day.